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This project comes from my experience in Language exchanges.

Learning a Language is centered around many activities, this project is focused on three aspects: reading, listening and review but there’s something that makes difference: the Human factor.

When you learn a new language, it’s so much better if you have someone to share it with said one of my language partners and I think that, whatever is your purpose, motivation is a key of success and motivation is one of the fuel of life.

The Cross and Reverse Reading process has the following steps and requires a serious commitment by participants.
Originally the cycle begins with two learners, we assume that Learner A is native speaker of language 1 and Learner B is a native speaker of language 2; both buddies are studying each other’s language.
Learner A and Learner B choose a short novel or an article translated either in language 1 or language 2, the reading (suggested) length should be around 5 minutes, this is because a longer length could be more difficult to manage and to upload on smartphones or other devices.
Choose, Read, Record, Upload, Download, Listen, Record, Upload, Download, Listen, Review etc. until the learner reaches a good level of pronunciation. The process can be reversed by both partners.

This site is actually a test, we are two crossreaders who are native speakers of Italian and English, we want to share with learners and readers our experience.